wip_netInit restarts Q2687 module in RTE mode

When i call wip_netInit in RTE mode, it restarts the module. If i run the same code in target mode, everything works fine.

This behaviour started after i upgraded to WIP 5x from WIP 3x.

The code shown below is executed a few seconds after the module has started up.

void siwo_initWipSystem()
		// Dette modem har adgang til IP systemet
		wip_netInit();     <-- This line restarts the modem when in RTE mode but not in target mode!

Think about what wip_netInit() does:

So the first suspect must be that you are running out of memory - and, obviously, you would expect this behaviour to differ between RTE and target modes.

Have you subscribed to the ADL Errors Service to catch this?