WIP Stack crash?

Hi, all
FXT003 running 7.45 firmware

We have a problem in the fields where unit would suddenly loose communication over GPRS/3G and Ethernet at same time. Ethernet link light on IESM card goes off. Modem is still operational (we can contact it using data over voice channel).
It seems that WIP dies for some reason. Rebooting the modem always brings it back to life.
We do have number of safeguards around failed GPRS/3G connection and closed sockets that would eventually reset the modem if a problem can not be rectified in timely manner, but none of those safeguard trips, making me think it is something internal to OpenAT that causes the issue.
It is unfortunate that this problem is intermittent and we can not reproduce it in the lab, but we have number of those failures on different modems in the field.

Did anyone saw such a behaviour before?



What do you mean by “WIP dies for some reason”. Can you please elaborate it. Does it mean that WIP stack stops abruptly.
What is the event or error generated on GPRS failure?
Is there any error message received in the application on WIP stack crash.


We finally managed to reproduce the fault in the lab,
Yes, I was vague in my description, as we only saw fault in the field and did not have much visibility into it.

The issue is not the stack. There is a problem on I2C bus reading EEPROM from IESM card.
I am going to submit separate question about that.