GL6110 hangs when issuing WIPsoft AT commands to send Email

I noticed sometime back that there’s a tendency for the module to hang when using WIPsoft AT command to send Email - when it happens, the module light still blinks (SIM card inside) but no AT command can be sent to the module. Not even AT+CFUN=1 to reset the module. The only way to resolve is to reset the power supply.

This happens when some commands are issued twice. I managed to reduce it by spacing out the commands but it still happens under certain circumstances, e.g. signal problem, etc. I can’t point to a definite situation.

Does anyone here also experience this? Thanks.

Ok, on further tests, I realized that the modem hangs if there’s an interruption in gprs signal while the email is being sent using the command: at+wipfile=6,1,2

Please help, anyone knows? Thanks.