How to reset modem if WIPsoft hangs?

Almost 1 year ago, I asked the question about GL6110 hangs when issuing WIPsoft AT commands to send Email.

There’s no reply since, but I’m still facing this issue. I’ve managed to minimize the chance of it happening by spacing out the AT commands so that I would not issue a new command before the previous one returns a response.

Now I’m wondering if WIPsoft can be made to use a watchdog to reset the module if it hangs? Thanks.

Take a look at AT+WRST command.

Hi Ijweko, thanks for your quick response. I took a look at AT+WRST. This probably won’t work if WIPsoft or the module hangs because no AT command can be sent to the terminal when that happens.

Well, you have to issue AT+WRST command first, with timeout sufficient to execute intended WIP process. After success, disable WRST again. In case of failure, auto reset should fire.

Assuming WIP should be done in 10 minutes max:

WIP code

Hi ljweko, after some experiments, I confirm that this really works. It acts as a watchdog and issuing AT+WRST=1,“000:nn” again will reset the watchdog. It’s a wonder that this useful feature isn’t prominently highlighted or discussed. :slight_smile:

Ooh - I don’t know: search.php?st=0&sk=t&sd=d&sr=posts&keywords=wrst 8)

That’s true, but I must first know “wrst” in the first place? :wink: