Sl6087 wipdatarw

Hi there,

I am working on an UDP Transmission with the SL6087 while using AT Commands.
I already established a UDP Connection to our server and data into both directions is passing through.

I am using the WIPDATARW command, since I need feedback if new data is received, control over the UDP Packages (transmitted ) and “Header” information for data received (AT+WIPBR=2,6,13,1).

No my problem:
In one scenario, I have to transmit 512 Bytes chunks in one UDP-Package. Therefore I am using the AT+WIPDATARW=2,1,“data” Command to fill the Buffer two times with 200Bytes and then the AT+WIPDATARW=1,1,“data” to fill the Buffer with the rest of the data and transmit the package.

Somehow the Modem hang up once in a while. Sometimes 50 of these Packages are transmitted successfully and then the modem just returns error for the WIPDATARW Command (even with CMEE = 1 )

Am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks Sascha


What flow control (+IFC) was configured on SL6087 and if you are using the same on your terminal?
The lock up I am guessing maybe flow control issue while either DTE is pushing huge amount of data while DCE Is not ready or CTS was set off somehow.
Please verify the flow control setting and you may also check if SL6087 still alive, either by UART2 (enable by AT+WMFM=0,1,2) or you can make a voice call to the module.

For returning “ERROR”, I am guessing somehow an abnormal reset happens whereas +CMEE setting was not saved, you may enable +WIND notification for device power up event.

From WIP AT command guide, it also mentioned USB is recommended otherwise UART buffer threshold shall be changed using +WHCNF command.

Hope this helps.