Out of date application downloaded to target



I’ve noticed that M2M studio doesn’t always download the most recently built version of the application dwl file to the target when the Run button is pressed. The Progress Window in the OpenAt perspective indicates that the build is being checked before being downloaded.

I know that the wrong dwl file is being downloaded, as I output the “DATE” and “TIME” macros as traces at the beginning of the application.

The only way I can reliably get the latest version of the built application to download to the target is to Clean Project first, then let the Run operation build and download.

Has anyone else seen this? Is there a configuration setting to force a Clean Project before Run?

M2M studio 1.0.2 (updated from 1.0.1 via update site) - but also happens on clean install of M2M studio 1.0.1
Oasis 2.20

ciao, Dave


I also have the issue: using the Run toolbar button doesn’t trigger a build process.
But if you select the good Run configuration in the Run button drop-down list, it triggers the build correctly!

In addition, you should make sure that the file containing the DATE and TIME macros is rebuilt: if it is not modified, it will not be rebuilt, and your application timestamp will remains the same even if other files have been rebuilt.


Topic on the timestamp & rebuild issue: