Cancelling actions

if i start an action and shortly after, i press the cancel button.
I then expect the operation to cancel.

but quite some operations to do with the target management don’t seem to like that.
even to the extent that the only option to recover is to restart M2M studio.

Please can you just take some time to add concrete use cases to this post when you encounter such issues?
This will help us to have a status as exhaustive as possible of the fixes to be performed.

sorry, i seem to have posted this. I thought i saved this as a draft. :blush:

The problem occurred when i did the following:
i selected ‘download on wireless cpu’ on my .dwl file.
I then remembered that i didn’t turn off my traces yet.
so i canceled the download, knowing that i would fail anyway.
switched to Target management
disabled the traces.
then went back to the open-at view and retried the download on wireless cpu’

but now i can’t even reproduce this problem.

I personally think it has to do with messages not getting trough somewhere (usb-> serial bridge in my product)