PPP issue on FS20


I have experienced some trouble with the PPP interface of the FS20.
I used a M1306B with no problem.

with the FS20, when I dial the ATD99**1#, I see the CONNECT 115200 and the first PPP frames.
But then the PPP negociation sometimes succeed (20% of the time) and generally fails.

With M1306B, this is no problem.

The PPP client is from an embedded OS : BECK from germany.

Any ideas?

Thank you


what information does it give you about the reason for failure?

Dear Awneil,

The OS returns an error: PPP negociation fails.

I have logs of the PPP exhanges. This log is made with a hardware serial monitor (RX and TX are redirected to 2 separate COM port) which allows to see what happens though I do not have the timestamp of each frame.

Do you want them?