Not responding to AT

I have a M1306B and after downloading embedded software it refuses to respond to any AT commands.

It just outputs

 +WIND: 13 

every few seconds, or +WIND: 0 if I take the SIM out.

I tried the reset pin and the Boot pin as described in

But it did not make a difference.

Any suggestions?

That means your application is crashing as soon as it starts - so the unit reboots, restarts the application, and it crashes again - and so on, ad infinitum

Try to send AT+WOPEN=0 to stop your application as soon as you see the +WIND: 13 (if you’re using hypoterminal, copy this to the clipboard so that you can paste it straight in without having to manually type it!)

Thanks, I tried that using the Terminal Emulator program and holding down thr ALT+1 hot key.

It did not work :frowning:

It obviously resets before the AT command processor starts.

Any other suggestions?