AT command not response

After I download the app, I got the response below, loop again and again. AT command did not response cause I can not stop app running by at+wopen=0
+WIND: 14

+WIND: 0

+WIND: 12,0

+WIND: 12,1

+CREG: 0


I thank my app got error cause hardware reset. How I can solve this problem?

It seems that the application you downloaded is continuously resetting the Wireless CPU. You need to stop it, but it could be difficult because you should not have enough time to send an AT command. What I suggest you is to copy “AT+WOPEN=0” from an editor and to past it in hyperterminal just after the reset (right click and paste). You might need to try several times before it works.
If it’s still not working after several attempts, you need to contact your distributor to unlock the Wireless CPU.
It’s also recommended to test the application in remote mode before downloading it inside the Wireless CPU and run it in target mode.
I hope it helps.

use DWLWin to upload firmware.