Q2687 Doesnt Repond to AT Commands

Ihave used a while(1) loop in adl_main for testing purposes. I have downlaoded the application in Q2687.
Its not responding now to any of AT Commands.
Its being reset by the watchdog.
Also new application is not being downloaded.

How to get out of this?
How to get it working again?

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Big mistake!!

See: forum.sierrawireless.com/viewtop … IKI#p16098

Yes - that is to be expected!

What firmware version do you have?

Recent versions should automatically detect this and stop the application after half a dozen reboots or so

Otherwise, you will either have to use DWLWin, or speak nicely to your distributor…

Thanks for the reply…

My FirmWare Version is: 6.6.3.b.10
and Open AT OS Package:

Is there a way to of Erasing the Firmware or OS when its not responding.
Or is there any other way to stop the application when its not responding to any of AT Commands…
Also its not accepting any of AT Commands…

Looking for a positive response


You can send “at+wopen=0” command to stop your application within short period of time between module startup and application startup. Use terminal software with some scripting capabilities to transfer command “at once”.

Or, failing that, terminal software with a “paste to host” facility…