AT commands without Application


I use a Q2686H on an Q26 Developer Board. I dont get any AT commands working for a while now. The device is properly connected to the pc, because a few days ago the AT commands were possible.

My question is…

When I erase the Application, Customization and Object Data with DWLWIN - do I still would get the AT commands?
(I guess I should, but I dont!)

The only data I get on the serial port is the binary information which is send as long as the boot pin is activated when I restart the device.

What can I do now?

The AT commands work without an Open AT Application

Hi schneeweiss,
I think your firmware is fail, you should re-download firmware.

There is no application required to get the AT commands working. Did you try to download the firmware again and check?

The firmware was broken. I was not able to recover the wireless cpu. I got a new one and it works just fine.