AT COMMANDS no longer working


today for some reason, I was no longer getting any debug messages printed to the hypterterminal screen. So I reflashed the hello world application to the Q2687 dev board, and still no luck. I no longer get any responses from the board even when i try to issue any AT command.

I used DWLWin to download the apps.

Does anyone know what could be wrong?

I have also had this happen to me on the WMP100 devices. In my case I had to eventually reflash the OpenAT OS back on the the device.

But before you do that, make sure it is not just your hyperterminal or serial cable. Try restarting hyperterminal or your computer and see if that helps.

Another thing to try is to see at least if the device output the special control characters when you reboot it. You should be able to see these as two or three funny characters that come out of the serial port right after you roboot the device.


After reflashing OPEN AT everything was fine.

It is quite worrying that it sometimes go into such a state that the only way to recover is by reflashing the OpenAt. I’ve also had it happen to me on a few occations during an intensive development project. But until today I can not say for sure what caused it to go faulty and even how to reproduce it.

It is almost certainly due to a fault in the downloaded Open-AT application;

eg, if the application immediately switches the UART to Data mode as soon as it starts, there is no way for you to enter AT commands any more! :open_mouth:

You have to design your application to ensure that it always gives you an opportunity to type AT+WOPEN=0

eg, make the only thing that your adl_main() does is just to start a timer - then, only when the timer expires does your application really start…