Bug in Firmware 6.55 / OpenAT 3.10


Hi everybody,

I noticed a problem in OpenAT 3.10, and I do classify this as a bug since I have re-tested the same program compiled with OpenAT 3.02 on the 6.51 core firmware. On the older platform the problem does NOT exist!

The application tries to activate UART 2 by sending

adl_atCmdCreate( "AT+WMFM=0,1,2", FALSE, Res_WMFM_Handler, "*", NULL );

This fails in the OpenAT 3.10 if the UART2 is not enabled (with at+wmfm=0,0,2) before the application is started. It will activate the port, yes! But after the “OK” answer there will no other Handler function for atCmdCreate’d commands be called. So the application hangs and is unable to process further AT commands (it will respond to AT+WAC with OK, but that is the only command that receives an answer, I think. There will be no answer for AT+IPR=38400 / AT+IFC=2,2 / AT&W / at+crmp=0,0 / ati3 / at+cgsn / at+cpin? / …)

Funny, that if the UART2 is already activated, everything works fine!

This problem can be reproduced at 100%.

For the Tests I used

655_09gg.Q2406B 2015268 111705 17:01
+WOPEN: 2,"AT v03.10","AT v03.10"


651_09gg.Q2406B 1478872 070705 14:15
+WOPEN: 2,"AT v03.02","AT v03.02"

Both versions are to the best of my knowledge released and not in Beta state…

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Guess what?

It also works fine with OpenAT 3.03!!!

+WOPEN: 2,"AT  v03.03","AT  v03.03"
652_09gg.Q2406B 1483340 012006 15:37



Is anybody out there with the same problem???

How did you solve it?

Any official word from Wavecom??? If you are a Wavecom employee could you please (if you don’t know the answer) tell somebody to look into it???

I would really like to use OpenAT 3.10 rather than OpenAT 3.03 - but with this problem I can’t…

Thanks so much for any answer!



Hello jan,

I make a reboot after UART2 activation so this problem did not come up for me during porting to 3.10, but it was really useful (for the future) reading your note.

Please look at my topic:

wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … .php?t=370

My inner instinct tells something is really ****** up with UART and AT command processing. :confused: I wish some clever guy from Wavecom development red this forum sometimes…