Application suddenly does not work sometimes

Hi all,
Has anyone experienced that the application suddenly seems not to work although OpenAT operation still works. The phenomenon is as below:
_ No message is sent via UART anymore.
_ No response for an application-AT-command.
_ Normal response for an OpenAT-command such as: AT+WOPEN? returns 1
_ Ring normally for an incomming call.

If i restarts the application, it will work. If i let it be, it will work again after about some hours!!!

I am using SL6087, Firmware 7.51.
I look forward to any suggestion from someone who experienced this error or knows which causes can potentially make this error?

Thanks in advance
Pham Viet Sam

what exactly your applications is doing?
Could you please provide your exact use case …


Hi Rex_alex,
My application periodically reads data from UART port then sends it to a remote server via GPRS. Besides, there are some application-AT-commands that i can type via monitor-USB-port.

Normally, my application works OK but recently, i have encountered that the application sometimes seems to stop or be suspended, i don’t know. The problem state is as above.