adl_atCmdCreate("AT",...) warning

Tested on Q2406B/Q24PL001 with 6.57 firmware/SDK 3.12.

If you execute adl_atCmdCreate(“AT”,…) with the intent that the responsehandler should get an OK, change AT to ATB or some other AT command that only gives an OK. The responsehandler will otherwise never get the OK.

This “feature” is new for 6.57 on the mentioned modules, but I don’t know if other modules are affected as well.

I think I’ve seen it in the Release notes for OpenAT 4.11 in the “known bugs” section. They say that the OK goes to UART1 instead of the virtual port.
I hope there are no more such things… I needed to add a test for “AT” in my application, but I didn’t think it was worth mentioning since if you need to send adl_atCmdCreate(“AT”,…) then you are probably experienced enough to handle such bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah it crash like a dog if you send an at with adl_atCmdCreate