+WIND: 13 Problem

First of all happy new year to everyone.

I closed 2006 with a big problem regarding developping application with Wavecom Modem using Open AT:
I downloaded my application in the modem and now it seems to start a loop sending

+WIND: 13


The modem doesn’t respond to any AT commands.

The event number 13 seems to refer to “The rack has been detected as closed” and it is true.

But why the modem doesn’t accept any AT command???

Thank you very much

Isn’t this the same as wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … ight=#3458 :question:

I don’t think it’s the same… You linked to the thread “Serial link communication” started by “atingenieria”. Did you intend to link to another page?

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I did.

No - it is the intended link.

The thread was, indeed, started by “atingenieria” - but daimoniro’s reply in that thread appears to me to be the same problem as stated here.

Well, I resolv my problem doing an hardware reset of the modem with connecting a 1K resistance beetween pin 3 and pin 9 of the programming cable.


i facing same problem of WIND: 13 and Q2406 now not responding to any AT command.

what should i do now.

how you have resolved this problem.
should i connect 1K resistance between pin 3(TXD) and 9(CRI) of DB9 cable.
if so how would modem reset

i didnt understand please explained me

No - I think he’s talking about the 15-way connector on the Fastrack modem?

That would then be pulling the BOOT pin to ground - which makes more sense…

I have more or less the same problem, i dont know what to do, i wish to force delete the memory that holds the open at project. (dwl)
if someone knows how
or maybe flashing the device… to factory default. but how