I am using q24pl002 modem, i just download an .dwl file from C:\OpenAT\OS\3.13.02\ADL\samples\Hello_World\bin\ads_hello_world.wpb.dwl using hyperterminal…
and then i got continues +WIND:3 reponse from modem ,and modem not respond to keyboard strokes …please help me what to do

This is the correct indication after power on

+WIND: 13<CR><LF>
+WIND: 1<CR><LF>
+WIND: 7<CR><LF>
+WIND: 16<CR><LF>

Thanksf for u r reply …

i am not getting in that order ,i got +wind:3 response continuously. help me how to stop those responses and it not accept any commands …

help me
thanks for u r reply

you should check your manuals before asking :wink:
because as you can see in the at-manual, the +WIND indications are a bit-field.

-edit- sorry, i didn’t read the doc’s correctly, the next sentence is nonsense
<repeated +WIND indications with bit 1 set indicate a repeated reset of the modem.>
but still, repeated indications like this indicate a reset-loop

in other words, your application is causing the module to reset as soon as it starts.

what you can do to recover from this is repeatedly sending ‘AT+WOPEN=0’ and hope that your module gets the chance to interpret your command and stop the program.

this is why you should always use a little delay in starting your program while testing.

Your application is crashing as soon as it starts!

Therefore, you need to try to get an AT+WOPEN=0 into it as soon as possible to stop it before it crashes.

You can try to do this by having the AT+WOPEN=0 command in the Windows clipboard, and pasting it into Hyperterminal (or whatever).

If that fails, you will either have to use DWLWin - or speak nicely to your Distributor to do it for you.

And, next time, ensure that you have a startup delay at the beginning of your application to allow you time to type the AT+WOPEN=0

See: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3766&p=18092&hilit=delay+startup#p18092