Modem reset continuously

HELLO to all

i have q24pl002 modem ,in that i downloaded wipsoft application. By using WIPSOFT i try to access GPRS service.Now my modem throws +WIND:13 response when ever power reset and it continuously gives the +WIND:13 response and reset itself.

Anyone please tell me what is the problem in modem why it gives continuously +WIND:13 response and how to solve this problem please…


The problem is a bug in your application that is causing it to crash

  1. The modem starts; it gives +WIND: 13, etc
  2. The app starts;
  3. The app crashes;
  4. The modem restarts - see 1

ad infinitum…

Fix the app!
(most probably, you need to increase the Stack Size). … =15#p18092 … lay#p14703

Thanks GUYS…

then i am going to reset my application …