FX30S and GSM Data exchange

Trying to use FX30S modem for GSM Data exchange and it fails.

Can’t use ATD without ‘;’ at the end of the command. If doing so having NO CARRIER

Using ‘;’ character at the end , the connexion is established but can’t use it to exchange data (still in command mode?). ATO

Trying to call the FX30S modem from a RTC modem, the ATD return BUSY .

Somebody can explain me how to do or what I am doing wrong.


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BUSY is returned in the case data connection is used for other application.
Please check your SIM status, and the legato application?
To make a ppp connection, your RTC modem should send ATD99**1# (if you are using Verizon network, you should use PDP#3) to FX30S.
Do not use “;” by the end of ATD command.
Could you help to reboot and then start ppp from RTC modem?

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