Open AT Framework v2.36


Dear all,

Open AT Framework v2.36 has just been released.
Most of you should have been already notified within Developer Studio.
It includes embedded Firmware 7.46 / OS 6.36 / Internet library 5.42 for 2G and 3G products.


  • Embedded Debugging: Enables developers to speed up embedded software fine-tuning by managing application execution through suspend/resume, step-by-step, standard and conditional breakpoints, and data watch capabilities in conjunction with Developer Studio.
    Note: library/application have to be compiled in DEBUG mode to be able to use it. Library/application compiled in RELEASE mode can’t be debugged.
    Note 2: JTAG debugging is still supported for backward compatibility on WMP. As the Embedded Debugging is compatible with all existing Open AT capable device (WMP, Q26, SL, GL and FXT), it is now the recommended way to manage application debugging.

  • AT Commands over AirPrime Management Services: A set of AT Commands can be sent through the Management Services portal. Exact list of supported AT Commands is provided in an Appendix of the AT Commands guide.

  • eCall In Band Modem library v1.1: Official release of our eCall In Band Modem library as specified by the 3GPP. The library has already been tested intensely through interoperability sessions with partners PSAP, and has been already adopted by customers developing solution for ERA-Glonass project in Russia as well.
    A PSAP simulator, to be used on a simple development kit, is given with the library samples to help customers to trial their application development.

  • Internet library v5.42: To ease sockets control awareness by host processor, AT+WIPCREATE? command now delivers the list of current opened sockets.
    - Location library v1.2: New Jamming removal feature improve sensibility quality in Jammed environment (available by AT Command). Sleep mode compatibility (32K) on I2C bus has been added as well.
    Note: For Assisted-GPS, the feature is postponed. Please come to me if a customer is interested in trialing it.

  • WMMP library: (Wireless M2M Protocol from China Mobile) The library has been rebuilt in a unique library to prevent its miss-using.

  • Sample revamping: Internet and Security libraries samples have been revamped to ease their usage.

  • Developer Studio: In addition to Embedded Debugging, Flash objects are now available for end customers to ease application debugging.

  • EABI compilation: Open AT OS and latest libraries are now compiled in EABI. This compilation standard allows any Developer Studio user to compile either with latest GCC or RVDS compiler.
    Our libraries and OS benefit of ARM RVDS compiler performances (code size and code speed).
    Customers can benefit have the benefit of the free GCC compiler already integrated in Developer Studio or from the ARM RVDS compiler (to be bought separately).
    Note: Legacy GCC Elf compiler is still provided for forward compatibility, but all new projects have to be started using an EABI compiler. ARM ADS and GCC Elf compilers are not recommended anymore.

Available for: Q26 Series, Q26Extreme, WMP Series, SL6087
Release notes are available :
Developer Studio download: click here for download


How to use “Jamming removal feature in Location library” mentioned in new Location library v1.2? Is there a command to check jamming status as exists for standalone SIRF IV modules? Thanks. Mirek


Hello Mirek,

Jamming removal feature is enabled by default in the Location library.
There is no need to manage parameter, it is part of the default settings.



Thanks for explanation. It should be good to know Jamming Status in some applications. There is a SIRF command returning frequency and SNR of jamming CW. Do we have some chance to read it?



Yes, this is in the pipe.
In next Location library version, the target is to have jammed notification through unsolicited event.



Sounds good. There is a SirfLive devlopment SW where frequency and amplitude of CW is displayed. It is very useful for GPS debugging, while searching interferency source. It will be nice to have these information also from X0110.