Open AT Application Framework v2.35.5

Embedded Application Framework for Open AT v2.35 for 2G is available
It includes:

  • Firmware v7.45
  • OS v6.35
  • Internet library v5.41
  • Location library v1.1
  • Extended AT application v1.01
  • Security library v1.05
  • eCall In Band Modem v1.0.1
  • WMMP library v3.0
  • Lua VM library
  • GR plug-in
  • C-GPS library v1.07 and v3.10
  • Developer Studio v2.0

- Optimized Auto-quadband: Improvement decreasing registration time (without impacting power consumption).
- AT+WPOW: This command allows to speed up RF testing at manufacturing. A continuous signal is supplied from the MS with a constant power level on a given channel. So, a GSM tester is able to measure transmitted signal level.
- USB Rebranding: Ability to set the USB PID/VID.
- XM0110: Improvement offering the ability to manage AirPrime XM0110 GPS module through the I2C bus.
- MMS improvements now support: Sending to multi-recipients, Several attachments and multipart related content, AT commands interface available, and New Audio, Image, Video, Text formats supported (check Internet library release note for the complete list).
- Retransmission configuration: AT+WIPCFG command now gives the ability to manage the maximum number of retransmission and its timeout while sending data packets.
- Port forwarding: This additional Gateway feature ease WAN to LAN interconnection by giving the ability to manage incoming requests from public area (WAN) to private area (LAN) by matching relevant public port to private port.
- Data Offline: User data can be sent or received through an AT Command and unsolicited over a serial link in AT mode (off-line mode) for TCP/UDP sockets, FTP, SMTP and POP3 services.
- OS Clock: Offers system clock interface in ADL.
- Open USB Interface: Ability to create your own USB composite thanks to existing Sierra Wireless USB interface (ACM interface) and other customized USB interfaces.
- One Shot External Interrupt: The external interrupt is triggered in ADL only at the first occurrence, preventing it to generate multiple interrupt request in case of not acknowledging it immediately.
- New WMMP library: Library implementing the Wireless Machine to Machine Protocol as specified by China Mobile. (Note: The WMMP library packaging is not ideal yet, as it is currently split in 3 parts, we apologize for this. All 3 parts are dependent of the WMMP library and can’t be used for another purpose than the WMMP usage. The 3 parts are: APP-lib, SMS-PDU, WMMP-lib. They have to be used all together to run the WMMP library properly. Care must be done at library selection on creating new project.)

- EABI compilation: Open AT OS and most of latest libraries are now compiled in EABI format. This library format allows Developer Studio user to compile their application and libraries either with latest ARM GCC or ARM RVDS compiler. Legacy GCC Elf compiler is still provided for forward compatibility.

Release notes are available :
Available for: WMP Series, SL6087 and Q26 Series (except Q26Extreme)
Developer Studio user should have been already notified, otherwise click here for download.

Dear all,

Open AT Framework 2.35.5, with Firmware R7.45.5 has just been released.

  • 2.35.5/R7.45.5 is a maintenance release of the 2.35.1/R7.45.1, for application still based on 2G platform in North America under at&t network.

  • The package is a pure maintenance release and do not include any additional feature.

  • R7.45.5 is the final at&t approved firmware for 2G platform: WMP100, Q2687RD, SL6087 and FXT009.

  • Developer Studio users will get an automatic notification inviting them to download and install it.

  • Please check latest Release notes on Sierra Wireless web site.


Hi all,

A little mistake has lead to forget the latest Location library of the 2.35.5 package.
For those that are using it, the Open AT 2.35.5 package is already under rebuild, and will be posted very soon, with its Location library.