Open AT Application Framework v2.51


Dear all,

We’re very excited to announce the availability of Open AT Application Framework 2.51.
This new SDK is integrating our firmware R7.51, based on our brand new firmware architecture for 2G platform.

Release highlights:

  • New Firmware implementation: offering a better split between pure GSM modem part and service part that include value added feature. Easing firmware maintenance and scalability to 3G for Open AT application which benefits from similar kernel on 2G and 3G platform.
  • USIM support: Improved interoperability with recent SIM card. Mandatory requirement to be eCall compliant.
  • Enhanced sleep mode on USB port: Improved Linux host driver compatibility to manage power down on USB port with: Suspend / Resume and Remote wake up.
  • Fail Safe File System: Speeding up Open AT application writing by easing data storage with standard API set. Implementation is power cut resistant, preserving data integrity. Check it here.
  • Network Scan: Ability to get network environment quality at a given location. Now part of Extended AT application. Check it here.
  • Jamming Detection: Ability to detect GSM jammer proximity to improve self-protection of connected application. Now part of Extended AT application.
  • Custom Emergency call number: Ability to add custom phone number triggering emergency call

Open AT Application Framework 2.51 is available immediately for download.
Developer Studio users have already received an update notification.
Online Release notes are available.

Known restrictions:

  • Not supported on some former module configuration: Q2686H/G, Q2687H/G/Classic, Q64
  • Delta patch used for Firmware upgrade in Management Services will be equivalent to firmware size itself, due to new firmware implementation
  • Compilers: ARM ADS and ARM GCC Elf, are now obsolete. Only EABI compilers compatibility is present with ARM GCC EABI (delivered with Developer Studio) or ARM RVDS with compilation in EABI mode (To be sourced separately). Please have a look to former post on EABI subject.
  • C-GPS plug-in, GR64 plug-in are no more delivered in the package.

Module compatibility:

  • WMP100, WMP50, WMP150
  • Q2686RD, Q2687RD
  • SL6087
  • FXT009