Open AT Application Framework 2.52

Dear all,

I’m very pleased to announce the availability of Open AT Application Framework 2.52.
This new SDK is integrating firmware R7.52, for 2G platforms: SL6087, Q2686, Q2687 and FXT009.

Release highlights:

  • Remote Debugging: Ability to securely manage application and firmware traces collection from a remote device.
  • Full File System implementation: File System implementation is now complete, providing application and firmware update capability though file system. File System can also be provisioned while uploading the Open AT Application easing manufacturing process. Legacy A&D APIs remain available for compatibility purpose, and are not recommended anymore for new design.
  • SSL v2 library: Refresh of the SSL library, now based on recent Open SSL version v1.0.1c, bring all latest known vulnerabilities correction. Now supporting up to TLS 1.2 standard, and AES encryption. An AT Command set is natively included in the Extended AT for end customer to easily manage HTTPS/secure sockets without developing Open AT application.
  • IP Frame trace: Debug and analysis of IP frame can be done far quickly using Developer Studio 2.3.1 with its compatibility introduced with wireshark tool.
  • Heap status API: An ADL API has been added to retrieve this heap status consumption within an Open AT application.
  • Get CPU clock API: An ADL API has been added to retrieve the current CPU clock frequency within an Open AT application.
  • AT+COPS improvement: Some application changing regularly PLMN selection mode requires that an automatic PLMN selection shall be done at each start up whatever the previous mode was configured in the device. The new mode 127 introduced in the AT+COPS command provide this capability.
  • Maintenance release of the Open AT Application framework 2.51

Open AT Application Framework 2.52 is immediately available for download.
Developer Studio users have already received an update notification.
Online Release notes are upon to be uploaded on Developer Zone and shall be soon available.


  • WMP platform is not included per current End of Maintenance
  • SL808xT/BT platform support will be delivered later.

Reminder: Developer Zone includes several hours of Open AT Video tutorials to handle self-training. Just search “video tutorial” to get them all ! New ones coming soon…


What about the Q2698 and FX100, will support for these platforms be included at the same time?

Dear dsk_5,

All development related to Q2698 module are currently driven separately from the main Open AT trunk, and are still running on a separate Open AT branch. This is necessary while the Q2698 has some legacy Open AT feature not available yet, in order to provide more development flexibility to this module.

Target is to consolidate this on the longer term with a merge of Q2698 software baseline to the main Open AT Application Framework trunk which is expected to support all kind of Open AT targets (Q2686, Q2687, SL6087, SL808xT and Q2698).

Anticipating the question of the when. I apologize not to share schedule detail on the developer forum, we are not used to publish our plan on this place.

Thank you,
Kind regards,

Is there any release notes ?



Release notes are under final review.
It shall not be long to have them posted.
Thanks for your patience.


Still no Release Notes for FW 7.52: … _7_52.aspx

Hi all,

Apologize for the delay in publishing the CRN, it is expected to be sorted out soon, probably next week.
Will keep you posted.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi all,

Small update, apparently CRN won’t be published this week, expectation is early next week.

Understanding that you need them now, CRN documents are exceptionally available through our customer support team.
I invite you to retrieve them from your usual Sierra Wireless contact while we are solving the issue.

I’ll continue to inform you on this resolution.


Dear all,

If you didn’t get them from our field teams already, Open AT Application framework 2.52 CRN have been published in emergency and can be found here:

Unfortunately this unusual situation has created an uncomfortable visual aspect that we are currently working on to clean the horrible shape of some of them.
At least the CRN are available, cleaning is already ongoing while i’m writing and target to be completed soon.
We are also taking some action to prevent this happening later on.