Open AT Application Framework 2.52 for SL808xT

Dear all,

I’m pleased to announce the availability of Open AT Application Framework 2.52 and its Firmware R7.52 for SL808xT.
Current SDK which already include 2G firmware for: SL6087, Q2686, Q2687 and FXT009, have been updated to include SL8080T, SL8082BT, SL8082T and SL8084T package.

Release highlights:
* AirVantage Management Services full feature on SL808xT/BT: Implementation include correction of Firmware and application update over the air, Monitoring services and Remote Debugging to securely manage application and firmware traces collection from a remote device.

  • Embedded Debugging on SL808xT/BT: Enables developers to speed up embedded software fine-tuning on SL808xT by managing application execution through suspend/resume, step-by-step, breakpoints and data watch capabilities in conjunction with Developer Studio.
  • CSD support on SL808xT: SL808xT is able to perform CSD call to send data.
  • Feature in beta stage on SL808xT/BT, not recommended for mass production:
    [list][*]GPIO extension (beta): Some SL8 PIN are being multiplexed with GPIO features in order to enhance GPIO numbers.
  • Hidden storage(beta): Some APIs have been implemented in order to Write/Read Certificates and Keys as files to/from SL8 file system.
  • Supplementary services(beta): Support of Voice Mail Indicator and Call barring supplementary services have been added on SL8.
  • GCF completed on SL8082T/BT
  • Telstra completed on SL8084T
  • AT&T on SL8080T: ongoing

Open AT Application Framework 2.52 is available immediately for download. Developer Studio users have already received notification.
Online Release notes are going to be published on Developer Zone in coming days to include SL808xT update.

But the DS 3.2 Installer didn’t find it: