Open AT Application Framework v2.37

Dear all,

Open AT Framework v2.37 has just been released.
Most of you should have already seen it Package manager view of Developer Studio, and includes:

  • Firmware R7.47
  • Open AT OS v6.37
  • Internet library v5.43
  • Location library v1.3
  • eCall inband modem v1.1.2
  • Security library v1.05
  • WMMP library v3.1
  • C-GPS libraries
  • Extended AT v1.10 application

Release highlights :
I2C Improvements:

  • API for reset: I2C bus can be reset using API adl_busIOCtl(), new command option ADL_BUS_CMD_RESET_BLOC can be used for this purpose.
  • API for watchdog management: The synchronous watchdog associated with I2C bus can now be configured using API adl_busIOCtl(). New command Option ADL_BUS_CMD_SET_SYNC_WATCHDOG, ADL_BUS_CMD_GET_SYNC_WATCHDOG can be used for this purpose.
    V24 transmission Buffer Flush:
    A new API has been added to flush all pending data in the TX FCM flow of serial ports. The new API name is: adl_fcmFlushV24Data().
    Power Down Management:
    Improved power down management for Open AT application by fine tuning which software area are not allowed to enter in Sleep mode.
    Location library v1.3:
  • Assisted GPS: Server based Extended Ephemeris from SiRF server.
  • Time To First Fix improvement: faster TTFF now returning 2D fix in addition to 3D fix.
  • GPS Tracking: now configurable at a lower rate than 1 Hertz, decreasing global power consumption of the system.
  • New Deep Sleep mode: Ability to decrease XM0110 power consumption below 10µA.
  • Jamming detection and removal: Notify application of GPS Jammers presence and filter it.
  • Software blanking: Limit wide band noise link to GSM/GPRS impact in case of antennas proximity.

Available for 2G modules: Q26 Series, WMP Series and SL6087 and Extension GPS module: XM0110.
Release notes are available:
Open AT Framework download: click here for download

…and where this option documented, except for release notes?

Effectively, it seems that the feature description is not yet published in the ADL guide, while the feature is present anyway.

So, here is the update of adl_busIOCtl() interface which will be published soon in next ADL user guide:

[size=85][i]Definition of the commands for adl_busIOCtl() function.

  • Reset baseband hardware interface bloc.
  • Parameters: [in] The Param of adl_busIOCtl() is not relevant and can be set to NULL.
  • Note: Available for the I2C Bus only.[/i][/size]