[SL8082T] GPS NMEA Data / "Sierra Wireless NMEA Port (UMTS)"

Hi all,

i am trying to get some NMEA data from my SL8082T. My device manager shows four virtual COM ports belonging to the module. One of them is called “Sierra Wireless NMEA Port (UMTS)”. Since the documentation (AT Commands Interface Guide for Firmware 7.50.A2 for AirPrime SL808xT and Q2698 - Interface Guide" does not mention anything about GPS, i tried some commands from the Extended AT Command Reference which is not officialy supporting the SL808xT.

Interestingly many of the given commands work (AT!GPSSTATUS, AT!GPSFIX and more), but AT!GPSNMEACONFIG does not.

My question is now, how can i get the NMEA Port to work on the SL8082T?
How is GPS meant to work with the Open AT Framework if it is not available over AT commands?


Hi Stephan,

Yes, GPS functionality for SL8082T works only with OpenAT Application framework.

Please check the location plugin of OpenAT Application framework, meanwhile this two documents:


2nd doc describe the AT command info for use with SL808xT with the related application.

Hope it helps.

Thank you for the documents. I managed to get NMEA output on UART1. But so far i am not able to get a GPS fix. Using a dedicated GPS receiver and same cable + antenna, i don’t have a problem.

What i did:

<= OK
<= OK
<= OK

After this i keep getting:


What did i miss? Any suggestions?


Command sequence looks like ok… Are you using an active GPS Antenna?

Please try the GPS antenna comes with the SL development kit if possible.
Also reminded GPS time to first fix may takes up to few minutes.


I encountered the same issue with SL8084T.

If I type !GPSNMEACONFIG? but it returned “ERROR” as follows.


Do you have any updates ?

Thank you.

May I ask what’s the exact firmware version (ati3)?
For SL808xT, command !GPSNMEACONFIG is not supported.
Please refer to AT cmd guide for SL808xT for details.

Please configure and use location plugin for SL808xT to drive the GPS function.