Help, many AT command are failed on SL8084

I am using SL8084 for 3G modem only. And I want to run some AT commands to setup system.

But I found a lots of AT commands are always error returns, especially the commands which start from “W”, e.g AT+WHCNF, AT+WFM, AT+WHWV, AT+WUSB … … are all failed. But as I checked AT command set, these are supported.

Here are the running environment:

– Sierra Development Board with SL8084 module and SIM was inserted.
– GPRS attached successfully and link setup completed.
– USB connection to run AT commands
– Firmware Revision: S3_0_0_1AP R1096 CNSZXD00000132 2011/09/22 21:06:44

Anybody can help me to see what’s happened.

Jimmy C


Have you tried turning on the extended error reporting - use


to turn it on.This will provide you with an error code which can be looked up in the AT commands guide for the version of module firmware you are using.

Hopefully this will give you a few more pointers to what the error is…

ciao, Dave

Note: you will need to re-enter this command each time you reboot the modem…

These commands are not supported on your device. SL8084T with FW v7.xx do support these commands. The standard SL8084 more r less only use the Qualcomm AT commands. Take a look in the AT command manual: