GPIO via AT interface on SL8083

Hi there,

I need to change the state of a GPIO pin (GPIO1) on a SL8083 module using the AT serial interface
(over USB)

The problem is any AT+WIOM commands just return and error.
AT+WIOM=2 should list all the current status of the GPIO’s

AT+WIOM=1,“GPIO1”,1,0 should set the GPIO1 to an output with a value of 0

Both commands just return ERROR

What am I missing?


PS The firmware version is

Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
Model: SL8083
Revision: S2_0_0_19AP R1003 CARMD-EN-10527 2011/07/12 14:02:20
IMEI: 355131040689022
FSN: CAE2061337610
3GPP Release 5

Do I need to download anything to enable these commands

I believe you need OpenAT to use those commands and for SL8083 that means you need a SL8083T module.

SL808x is not firmware upgradable to SL808xT versions afaik.

In addition, the OpenAT enabled firmware is still in beta stage.

There may be other commands available to change GPIO state on the non-OpenAT version of the module.