SL6087 on SL Series Development Kit

Good morning,

Hardware configuration:
We are using SL6087 on the Sierra Wireless SL Series Development Kit.

Software configuration:
Developer Studio 3.6 on Windows 10 (We could not use version 2.3 as described here

The problem
When we try to load any application, the IDE will execute some commands to get the status of the system.
At some point it will execute


which will result in an error


From the manual I found the following description for the error


Is this problem an issue with the configuration of the board? We followed the manual on setting the latches.
How can I proceed with the upload process?

Thank you for your time.

If you check in AT command guide, you can see AT+WOPEN=9 will give you information about file system size available in your module along with OAT size. I guess your module doesn’t have file system (may be you are using old firmware or you didn’t configure that )which is leading to this error.