Error on AT+WOPEN=9

I am getting Error : Unexpected error received for AT+WOPEN=9 command

when I try to download code in target (Q2687) through target management in developer studio 3.0 via COM1

I was using Developer studio 2.5 earlier and everything was working fine


What version of firmware are you using in your target?

DS3 only works with the latest versions of firmware. If you have older firmware (<7.50?) Then you’re going to have to stick with DS2.

Ciao, Dave

I have tried with firmware version 7.51

I know that firmwares older than 7.51 didn’t have AT+WOPEN = 9 implemented

The latest firmware is 7.52 but it gives error midst flashing. I want to move to firmware 7.52 but I am unable to flash it

I have tried flashing via:

  1. Developer Studio 3 (stops after ~950k and gives error)
  2. DWLwin latest (doesnt work at all)
  3. Xmodem file transfer via hyperterminal (stops after ~950k and gives error)

I have Q2687RD and I am trying to flash R7.52.0_q2687RD.dwl