at+wopen=9 returns +CME ERROR: 3


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I have changed from Developer Studio 2 to 3.3 and have run into some problems. All of the projects in the Workspace have been created in DS2. I hope this topic is in the right board because I am not sure what the origin of the problem is yet.

This problem might have more to do with firmware version. When I go into Target Management and Open the port to the SL6087, it opens and runs the initial AT commands to get the device info. One of them is at+wopen=9 which replies a +CME ERROR: 3. If I run at+wopen=? the reply is +WOPEN: (0-8),(256-4864),(0-24),(0-24) so this indicates that 9 is not an option for +wopen. I can’t load firmware or software from DS to the device, I get this error constantly. The first question is whether at+wopen=9 was used in DS 2, or if this is new to DS 3?

My initial feeling is that the firmware on the device it old, and doesn’t support the +wopen=9 command. If I remember correctly all my devices have FW 7.47 on them.

I will try to do a firmware update from Hyper Terminal or something to a newer firmware to see if this solves the problem.

Please send any suggestions on this?!


Did you create a new workspace for your projects when you upgraded to your new installation of DS3? There’s quite a bit of metadata and project information stored behind the scenes by DS - and the workspaces ARE NOT compatible between versions!

I believe that you can upgrade a workspace from DS2 to DS3 (but that you can’t go backwards!) - but I don’t bother. As you can run multiple copies of DS side by side (simply install DS into different directories), I have a workspace per version, and simply import my projects (or create a new project and copy the source/include files) into a different workspace for each version of DS.

I agree with your suspicion that you may have firmware issues on your module. You can do a firmware upgrade from within DS3 now - Go to the Target Management perspective, and on the Status Tab there is a firmware section that will let you upgrade the firmware on the module (once you have connected to the module!). You might have to open the Packages Manager perspective and download the appropriate Packages from the OpenAT repository first though.

ciao, Dave

Hi Dave

Thanks for the reply.

No I used the old workspace, but I don’t think that forms part of this problem. I now have DS 2.3 and DS 3.3 installed, and am using DS 2.3 to work in as all my projects and hardware are on FW 7.47. Everything is back to normal once using DS 2.3

Let’s see if we can simplify the problem for future users that upgrade to DS 3. Maybe you can test on your side if you have the same problem. Take hardware with FW 7.47, because it doesn’t support the at+wopen=9 command.

“and on the Status Tab there is a firmware section that will let you upgrade the firmware on the module” This is true for DS 2.3 also. The problem is that the at+wopen=9 command is failing, I can’t download new firmware to the device, not even a new boot-loader version with this command failing. The only solution I could find is doing everything(firmware updates) in Hyper Terminal. I needed to jump to FW 7.52, which first failed. So then needed to download FW 7.52 boot-loader first. FW 7.52 failed late in the download now, so needed to jump firmware in steps. The jump from 7.47 to 7.52 was to big. This is explained in a few other topics on this forum. Once on FW 7.52 the at+wopen=9 command is supported and DS 3 works fine.

The bad part about this is that DS 3 does not seem to be compatible with devices running old FW. And if a user does not know this, and upgrades to DS 3, the only solution is to re-install DS 2 to upgrade all hardware firmware, or use other terminal software first.

Dave, please have a test on your side, and help explain what process to follow for other users that might find this problem.


DS 3 is indeed not compatible with FW versions < 7.5X, including Target Management.
And unfortunately, you need to upgrade your device to FW 7.5X before switching to DS 3
But normally, as you can’t upgrade DS 2.3.2 to DS 3, unless you have (too rapidly?) removed it, you still have DS 2.3.2
If you really need to do the upgrade from DS 3, you can force the module to stay in XModem mode (XModem switch on the dev kit) and download manually the FW DWL file; DS will show a warning because it can’t load all the information from the device, but it will let you force the download anyway.