SL6087 - AT+WIPCREATE, error 803

I use a modem with an SL6087 chip, to update a file on a FTP server.
I wrote some C code to control the modem on an RS232 using an USB-to-RS232 cable.
My code works most of the time, but on some instance, the command “AP+WIPCREATE=4,1,,,” returns “+CME ERROR: 803”.
When I have this error, I close and restart the bearer and it works again.
The manual defines this error as “operation not allowed in the current Internet Library stack state”.

So my questions are:

  1. What could cause this error?
  2. How to stop it from happening?
  3. When it happens, is there another way to restore rather than closing and restarting the bearer?

“+CME ERROR: 803” can occur due to different reasons. to know the exact cause of this error in your case we need to know what is happening before this error comes.

what is mean by this?? are you adding your own code in the wipsoft application? what exactly are you doing?

can you share your AT command log?

in this case it is recommended to close and start the bearer…