At+wipfile=5,1,1 keeps returning +cme error: 843

WIPsoft seems to be very buggy. I keep getting +cme error: 843 after calling at+wipfile=5,1,1.

+cme error: 843 means Connection reset by peer. I’m connected to GPRS and able to ping the server.

Often, i’ve to retry, close gprs, connect to gprs gain. usually it works, but sometimes it just hangs the modem - hard reboot required.

Any thoughts to this? Would appreciate, thanks.


I guess that error “+CME ERROR: 843” will be received whenever a read/write operation is performed
on an aborted TCP client or TCP server.
In your case when you are able to ping to the server,seems strange :question: .

I think we have an option “AT_WIP_NET_OPT_AUTO_SWITCH” which switches WCPU automatically to AT mode when the peer is closed. Using this option with “AT+WIPCFG” command will avoid the error “+CME ERROR: 843”.
Hope this of some help to you.


Maybe the peer is actually resetting the connection…?

Ping uses ICMP - which is distinct from TCP (and UDP), and connectionless. … e_Protocol

So it really just shows that the host is reachable - not that its TCP functions are working correctly…