EM7305 no gps version but predisposition gps antenna on board

Hello everyone, thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.
I have a Getac v110 g4 with the “sierra wireless AIRPRIME EM7305 version no gps*1.0” module. The module is equipped with the connector for the gps antenna, but the nmea port is not present among the computer devices, there is a way to update firmware, enable gps and add gps antenna? or is it necessary to buy another module?

what is the return of the following AT commands?


Using AT COMMAND TESTER i’cant use any com port, i have only this 3 com port, but none of these 3 refer to that module
porte com

you can install the driver:

Please see here:


before writing in forum i have already installed the driver. as you can see the sensor is in sensore flag but no com port. thankyou in advance for reply

how is it in linux platform?
You can check kernel log by dmesg.

You can get the linux USB driver here:

Is windows , not Linux

you might install a Virtual machine to test