Open AT Documentation?


Can you be so kind to send me some docs/samples as well? I just wonder why one cannot download them from internet…

Here is my email address:

Thanks a lot.

Because they’re all on the CD on which your Open-AT development system was delivered! :unamused:

Can you send me all files from this disk? :slight_smile:

Hi nut,

This would be a violation of copyright. You must ask your distributor. He should be able to help you with your development needs.

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On each and every page of each and every document, it says:

It also says it in French.

Now do you understand why we cannot send these documents?!
We’re not just being awkward - what you request is prohibited by Wavecom, who own the documents.

Hi this is satish .
i very new to OpenAt so can
anybody send me usefull documents
and some simple sample codes so that
i can learn faster…
My Email Id is
please send me the documents
Thanks in advance

Did you actually bother to read any of the previous posts, eg the one immediately before yours:

Is that not clear?

If you want someone to send you the documents, then that someone will have to be either your local authorised Wavecom Distributor, or your own Wavecom direct contact.

BTW: For “Wavecom” you should probably now read “Sierra Wireless” - see:

Please Send me on how to start with Open AT any basic stuffs…my email is

I’m sorry, but Sierra Wireless have just totally reorganised the website - see:

So I have absolutely no idea where anything is any more!

As you are unencumbered by any pre-conceived notions of where things used to be, you are probably in a better position to find them for yourself by starting from scratch and hunting around the website.

Then you’ll be the expert, and you can show me where the stuff is!

support -> downloads -> search for (or select directly) your module (eg Q2686)
for now it seems that only the latest firmware and docs are available (i haven’t located the archives yet)

Please can somebody send me sample apps tutorials.
my e-mail:

Please can somebody send me sample code and documentation :
Best Regards