version 2.1 library against OPEN AT version 3.12

Hi! Im new with open AT in fact this is my first time to develop an OPEN AT based application. I have questions so i could start. Please help. I have an OPEN AT software tools for version 3.12. I am using Q2406B GSM module.Here are my questions:

  1. Can i use OPEN AT version 3.12 for Q2406B?
  2. What do i need for me to jump start my OPEN AT application developent?

Thanks. :smiley:

The same way you should start any development:

  • read the manuals;
  • follow the tutorials;
  • look at the examples;
  • start with something simple.

Start with the Tutorial - It takes you through using all the tools and the “Hello, World” sample.

Thanks for the quik response. I have documents and tutorials for OPEN AT version 3.12. Can i use it as a reference on developing OPEN AT applications in Q2406B?

Thanks again…