What is the difference between v3.19 and v2.34

I had use open AT 3.19 for module Q24 for sometime.
Now I want to use module Q2686.
The open AT version change to V2.34.
I want ot know the difference between the 2 version.
The most part I cared is the wip_function for GPRS operating.
Can I just “copy - paste” the code of Q24 to Q2686?

I think that is the SDK version - not the Open-AT version?

SDK version 2.34 covers Open-AT version is 6.34, and the Firmware version is 7.44

Open-AT v3.19 is so very old that there have been very many changes in the many revisions between it and 7.44.

Release notes only ever cover changes from the previous version.

Probably the easiest thing is going to be to just compare the User Guides for the features that you use, and “spot the difference”.

You could start by doing that.
The compiler will give you errors and/or warnings where the APIs differ - so you can then focus your attention on those areas.

Naturally, you should ensure that your Q24 code builds cleanly - no warnings at all (at the highest warnings level option) - before you start.

Areas where you will need to pay particular attention include:

  • GPIOs - the API is completely different; just discard the Q24 code, and start again from scratch;
  • Timers now take an additional parameter
  • adl_main() is now deprecated

Apart from adding additional features, I don’t think much has changed to the basics of WIP that were present back in 3.19?

Main changes from 3.22 (also 3.19?) SDK:

  • Timer handler function;
  • Time/clock data formats;
  • Completely changed GPIO management;

WIP part from old Q24 works fine for me on 7.44 Q2687 firmware.

Thanks for helping. I will learn the new version from start.
I am so glad to make so many friends here.
Thanks again for enthusiastic and rapid help.