Which is the lastest version of SDK of New Q24 series?


Hey everyone, I develop on Q24PL some days.Yesterday I have bought another Q24 plus002.
And my SDK is OPENAT 3.22,the firmware is 657h,the os is 3.15,this is the lastest version of SDK I can download for the website.
But there is a strange thing : the OS version of the Q24 module that I have bought yesterday is 3.17.
Is there any new SDK or firmware release? If yes, where can I download it ?

Any help would be thanks!


No, that’s not particularly strange at all!

You should always discuss your required/preferred firmware version(s) with your supplier when ordering!


Look at this:

The firmware I have downloaded to the module is 657h, and the SDK that I develop on is 3.22


It’s OK. 3.22 is the version of OPEN AT SDK. And 3.17 is the version of the OS. You better use ATI3 command - it shows the full name of the firmware.