Development Using ADL

Hi there
I am very new to modems and Open AT. I am using a Q2687H. I am getting there in the direction of AT commands because I get responses for my AT commands sent to the modem. My nightmare is with development. I do not understand where to start and go with regards to development. I don’t even understand the Hello World code. Can anyone please help me with regards to documentation to help me be on my way to development. I do have basic knowledge of C++. Help, development is like hell if you don’t know where to start.

Hi gugulethu,
If you want to make family with OpenAT, at first you must install the openATSDK into your computer. After installation completed, you can read the user guide at path (ex. Program\Wavecom\Open AT IDE\Read me). In this user guide, you can get how to create an new appl or a sample with “OpenAT winzard program”, how to run the appl under reomote or target mode … To understand about APIs, you can refer to ADL user guide at path (C:\OpenAT\OS\doc\ADL user guide).
Hope help you.

The ADL documentation assumes that you are a competent ‘C’ developer - so you might want to spend some time honing your ‘C’ skills first…?

A good place to start would be the “Tutorial for Open AT”, TU_Tutorial_for_Open_AT.pdf

Then see the “Tools Manual for Open AT”, TM_Tools_Manual_for_Open_AT.pdf

You will also need to study the “ADL User Guide for Open AT”, ADL_User_Guide v6-01.pdf

You should speak to your Distributor - they should be able to give you hands-on support, demonstrations, etc - they might even run seminars, classes, etc…

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Thanx for the replies. I am comfortable with running the OpenAT application e.g. Hello World on the target monitoring tool. I think i need to polish up my C. On the other hand, what I didn’t understand are the steps to follow when I want to write my own code.There must be a main function I know but I didn’t really understand the subscribe and other sides of the development.