How to do the coding in Wavecom OpenAT

Hi All, Can any body tell me how to start the programming. I go through the document OpenAT Basic developement Guide, But i can’t understand. Please refer me good document so i can do the efficent coding

As mentioned in your other post, start with the Tutorial.

See: … php?t=1395

Also, look at the Tools Manual to see how all the tools fit together.

And look at the supplied Samples.

That’s a bad choice - you’d be better to start with the ADL Guide.

The name “Basic” is unfortunate - as it’s really for advanced users!
See: … =5126#5126

I’m a new user trying to get going with Open AT.

I want to point out a mistake in the ADL User Guide for Open AT v4.22 rev 002 Date Dec 2007
The introduction (pg 13) says:
“It is strongly recommended before reading this document, to read the ADL
User Guide Open AT® OS v4.22 and specifically the Introduction (chapter 1)
for having a better overview of what Open AT® is about.”

Which is quite funny but frustrating nonetheless. The rest of the Introduction is nothing but references, glossary, and abbreviations.

I thought I could find a newer version of the document on the Wavecom website, but I cannot find it at all. I can find a java run page that lists the documents for my product (fasttrack supreme), but the ADL User Guide does not show up.

unfortunately this document only comes included in the sdk software package.

It would be more effective if you did that in a specific, new thread - rather than burying it in an unrelated old thread.

Indeed it is!

Unfortunately, there’s quite a number of outstanding errors in the documentation… :angry: :angry:

The ADL User Guide for Open AT v5.0 and v6.01 both contain exactly the same mistake - but with the version numbers updated!

Can you tell me what document the guide is trying to refer to? Is it trying to refer to it’s own chapter 2?

I’m new to Open AT and looking for a beginners guide to writing an application to run on the Wavecom Fasttrack. Perhaps you could point me to the correct documents? Right now I’m trying to digest the ADL User Guide and the “Basic” Development Guide for Open AT. Is there another document that’s a better place to start?

I guess that it is an obsolete reference to the misleadingly-named “Basic” Development guide:


The so-called “Basic” API was the original API - later, when ADL was added, its documentation still referred to the “Basic” documentation; eg,

The “Basic” interface is now obsolete - so it looks like someone, without actually thinking about it, has just gone through with a search-and-replace dumbly substituting all references! :unamused:

I think you can ignore the “Basic” guide these days

Apart from the Tutorial and the ADL User Guide, I’m afraid there really isn’t anything “official” :frowning:

Have you spoken to your Distributor? They should be able to provide some demos and help for you - they might even run seminars and/or classes…

Or the Wavecom “university” - … University

So the Basic API is obsolete? ADL is the way to go? And there’s no need to even read up on the Basic API?