Problem with function adl_atCmdSendText



Excuse me because I don´t speak english very good.

I would like to know how the function adl_atCmdSendText has to be used because I don´t achieve to know its operation.




Please check the Release Notes (e.g. the document RN_Open_AT_V310_Release_Note_rev001.pdf if you have OpenAT 3.10). It is explained there… (Since this was an interface change)

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Could you send me this archive through e-mail?


Hmmm, sorry I can’t.

All documentation is “sole and exclusive property of WAVECOM”. It is “Not to be distributed or divulged without prior written agreement”.

I guess you have the OpenAT SDK, right? So check the “Documentation” folder on the CD - it’s in there! If you don’t have it, you should get it from your distributor (the company where you bought the modem) or from Wavecom directly…

Good luck, and again sorry that I can not help you better…

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What happen is that I have got documentation of OpenAT 3.0 and OpenAT 4.0 but in that documentation, the archive which you indicate me is not there

Anyway thank you very much.