adl_atUnSoSubscribe - documentation incomplete/incorrect

  • Use of adl_strID_e is not explained

  • Required header is wrong

  • Method of string matching is not explained

See: … .php?t=163

I don’t think someone from the OAT team is looking at this forum. I have never seen a post on this forum from them, apart from some “sticky” question. :open_mouth:
Plase some OAT creator suprise us with lot of useful info! :slight_smile:


Funny you should say that - I was just thinking the same! :frowning:

Hmmm… no indication there that Wavecom will actually do anything about all the problems, typos, and lack of clarity! :angry:

Similarly in the other Forum:

Again, no sign of Wavecom paying any attention to the needs expressed. :frowning:


Dear Tomalex and Awneil,

We are surely having a look on the Discussions going on in the forum. The bugs raised by all Forum Users constantly provide us with invaluable feedback regarding the pros and cons of each and every version of Open AT software. The points mentioned by you are also noted. However, the fix for the problems are made only in the next release of Open AT.

So, please wait, all your concerns will be handled by our Open AT experts.
Hope, you have a great time in Open AT Forum.

Best Regards,
The Moderator Team.

That is a rather poor answer, I’m afraid.

These are documentation problems - you should not need to wait for a whole new release of Open-AT to correct them!

It’s not like the old days, when reprinting and distributing hardcopy manuals was a major undertaking - they are all just PDF files, which could be made available for download.

In the meantime, can Wavecom undertake to reply promptly in this forum - providing the requested clarifications and/or corrections?

Note that posting to this forum still generates the following error:

Failed sending email :: PHP :: 


Line : 234
File : emailer.php