Only Edge (2G) in Poland


I’m using my GX 440 in Poland (Military use), I’m using a sim card from the provider : Plus.

I went trough all the settings and I only get 2G no matter what I try.

We have 2 GX 400 here and they can access 3G with the simcard.

Is our gx440 LOCKED to my internet provider back in Canada like a phone?

We really need 3G on our GX440.

Thanks for the help.

Are you using a roaming sim card?


GX440 is not really intended for Europe. It is supposed to be used in US.

GX440 3G support is limited for Europe. It only support band 850/1900/2100. Plus in Poland do use 3G on both 900 and 2100MHz. So I would guess that you are in an area that only has a 3G coverage on the 900 band.

GX400 support 3G on 850/900/1900/2100MHz. So it will work well in Europe.