GX440 wont connect to LTE

I have a GX440 with a Proxicast 4G / LTE Cross-Polarized (MIMO) 7-10 dBi High-Gain Fixed-Mount Panel Antenna connected. It will only connect to 3G service at 1 Mbps where my phone will connect to LTE at 20 Mbps. Is there a way to force the GX440 to connect to LTE?

Hi @andrew1

You can set the RF band to “LTE ALL” to force GX440 to connect to LTE.

To configure LTE band, go to ACEmanager -> WAN/Cellular -> Setting for Band -> LTE ALL
Apply all changes and reboot.

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Thanks Dan, turned out my sim card was too old. Replaced sim with one from my phone and the LTE All option showed up and gx440 shows LTE connection with strong signal but wouldnt negotiate a network connection. I will do some research on that and possibly start another thread if I cant figure it out. Thanks for the help!