Will the GX440 LTE device support fallback to 3G & 2G?


Yes, the GX440 fully supports fallback to 3G and 2G networks. The default setting for the GX440, when it comes to network service preference, is “LTE Preferred”, meaning the GX440 will always look to connect to a LTE service first, if available. If LTE service is not available, then the GX440 will connect to the next fastest service available.

For customers who purchase the GX440 for Verizon Wireless, but who do not yet have Verizon LTE service in their area, there is a configuration option under the “WAN/Cellular” tab in ACEmanager 4.0 to set the GX440 to “CDMA Only”. When this configuration is used the GX440 will not actively scan for LTE service.

  • This feature is not available on the AT&T version of the GX440.