GX-450 AT&T Modem Won't Connect On 4G LTE


Has anyone heard of any issues with the GX450’s connecting to AT&T’s LTE network? We have a large partner who has tons of Sierra Wireless Modems deployed. They just bought a few GX450 AT&T Modems, and they are unable to get any solid connection on 4G LTE. They are really only able to connect at 3G. Their phones, however, have no problem connecting at 4G LTE Speeds.

They have heard rumblings that AT&T has been having issues with 4G LTE Support for Cellular Modems. Has anyone else heard about such an issue?

They are located in the Central, FL area. Any hints, tips, guidance, documentation would be immensely appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Sincerely - Jarrod A. Washington

Seems like similar issue :frowning: