GX440 and Hologram Sim

Anyone using hologram with one of these modems, I am having no luck, if someone has it working could you share some config info Thankx in adance, J

Hi @jmayes5 ,
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For Hologram SIM to work with Airlink GX440, you must first make sure that the frequency band of the Hologram carrier are supported on the AirLink GX440, please refer to the Radio Frequency Bands of Airlink GX440 in Section 4 - AirLink GX Series Specifications on page 55 in the link below:

If you make sure that the frequency band of the Hologram carrier are supported on the Airlink GX440, please insert SIM into Airlink GX440 then go to ACEmanager → Status → WAN/Cellular and share with me screenshot here.


According to Hologram they are compatible with all major carriers in my area and it auto selects the strongest one, I am using a sim7000a successfully.

I do have a lock on LTE, here are the screenshots or the home and cell status pages. Thanks for your help!


Bump, Anyone have an idea of what I can do? TX agn.

Hi @jmayes5
Where area do you put the Airlink GX440? And have you installed radio firmware for your Airlink GX440?

If yes, which of the following radio firmware have you installed:

GX440 Firmware Packages for ATT
GX440 Firmware Packages for Canadian Carriers
GX440 Firmware Packages for Verizon
GX440 Firmware Packages for Bell
GX440 Firmware Packages for North America Generic

If not, please install radio firmware for your AirLink GX440 following the link below: