Sierra Wireless Lx40 BlackListed Now at AT&T

I have a LX40 that I have been using with ATT for a while and now it does not work. ATT said it was blacklisted in Dec. I got another answer they said it is not on their approved list. It has been working fine with a 3rd party carrier that uses ATT but they got dropped from ATT Jan 1. I tried to sign up with ATT directly ( I have 4 phones with them) and they said it was blacklisted. Has anyone had this issue? It’s hard to get through to someone there that knows anything.

Hi @thorn,

Which FW version that the module is running? If not latest, please refer to the following link to get the latest FW then recheck whether the problem is resolved.
Link the latest FW:

In addition, you can refer to the following documents:


|ALEOS Software Version:|4.15.1|ALEOS Build number:|003|
|Device Model:|LX40|
|Radio Module Type:|WP7603|Radio Module Identifier:|ATT|
|Radio Firmware Version: SWI9X07Y_02.37.00.00 6c0fe9 jenkins 2020/01/17 01:29:47|

I don’t think it is the firmware, they won’t even give me a sim card. Said the device is not on their list anymore. It’s hard to talk to someone that knows anything.

I’ll update the firmware.

I just setup an account with tmobile. They are sending a sim card. I’ll see how it goes.

I’ve had trouble with ATT before. They gave me the wrong sim card and when 3G was cut it stopped working and said it was my modem and to buy a new one. I went in to a store and they gave me the right card and it worked.


PS this is one response I got:

“Hi there, we appreciate your response, but it appears that your Sierra Wireless LX40 4G LTE is not compatible with AT&T network.
You are able to view all the compatible devices with the link provided: