Does GX400 or GX440 need a SIM card? If so, how do I get it?

  1. The GX400 for EVDO networks does NOT require a SIM card and activation can be done with the appropriate network operator representative and the ESN of the device located on the bottom.
  2. The GX400 for HSPA+ DOES require a SIM card, which can be procured from the appropriate network operator representative.
  • SIM cards used for other AirLink HSPA and HSPA+ devices CAN be used in the GX400.
  1. The GX440 for VZW DOES require a SIM. This is notable, since this is the first time that an AirLink device on the VZW network requires a SIM card. SIMs can be procured from your VZW representative during the course of account activation.
  2. The GX440 for AT&T DOES require a SIM. The SIM procurement process for AT&T is the same as for other AT&T technologies. However, there are subtle differences with respect to the APN for LTE. Please refer to question 5 on this document.